Sunday, 13 February 2011


Disclaimer: this post contains excessive DIY content and wallpaper facts.

Much progress was made this weekend chez Seashore Ceramics.

Firstly, the old gloomy carpet has gone. Amazingly, we posted it on Freecycle and within minutes had a number of takers - it was great to see it taken away by someone who could make use of it (and for us not to have to do twelvety trips to the tip!) The improvement was instant - from this:

70's faux-wood panelling
To this:
Sans carpet

Next step was covering up the 70s faux wood panelling, which we're doing by putting some lining paper and then painting over that. Fact: 1000-weight lining paper does the job much, much better than 800-weight.

Here I am, pasting away merrily (in, yes, the same demented clothes as last weekend)

You might notice my slightly unusual pasting table - it's a very retro counter which was left in this shop, which we're planning to use as our till counter.

Pasting station
Between the carpet removal and the new, clean walls, it feels like a different shop already.
Back wall
Next up: laying the new flooring, putting a wall in, and placing our first stock order!

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