Friday, 8 July 2011

Our first mobile event

We've just come back from doing our first event as a mobile service - we had a stall at Shaldon Primary School's Summer Fete. And what fun we had! We learnt lots of new things, how to put a gazebo up being one, thanks to the good ol' British summer weather... But fortunately, it only extended to the occasional bit of drizzle, so everyone was able to continue outside.
Shaldon Primary School Summer Fete - 8th July 2011

We were thrilled to see some of our regulars, plus some of the Brownies we met last week, along with making some new friends - and we hope to see you all again soon in the shop to pick up your finished pottery! All the items should be ready for collection by Wednesday.

The new school wing - which was also officially opened today - looks fabulous, and we're hoping plenty more funds were raised with the fete - the raffle was certainly popular!

If anyone would like to book us for a similar event, just get in touch - we'll be at Chudleigh Primary School Fete next Friday (15th July) and others coming up over the summer, and we love getting out into the open air and meeting lots of new faces.

Time for a cold drink and a lie-down now...

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