Sunday, 10 April 2011

The final countdown

It's been another hectic few weeks, but we're nearly there!

The main reason we haven't been able to open yet is that we're still waiting for our planning permission to be granted by the council, but the less said about that the better...

In the meantime, we're just putting the final touches to the shop.


Starting to look less like a bombsite, huh?

We did our first firing, which was frankly terrifying - watching the kiln climb up to 1000 degrees. But amazingly, it's so quiet and barely makes more heat on the outside than a small radiator.

We certainly learnt some lessons with our first firing, particularly with the dipping glaze part, where we got it slightly too thick in some places, but a couple of you-tube videos later and having diluted the glaze a bit further, we tried another round of dipping and firing and things came out beautifully.

The Disney shelf is looking a lot more colourful these days anyway!


More fun was had this week when we had a session of baby footprint painting practice, with a friend from school and her gorgeous tot.


Hopefully the first of many sessions to come!

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