Friday, 15 April 2011


We received our planning permission from the council, meaning....


We're a little excited about this, can you tell?

There's so much to report on in addition to that - sadly I seem to have mislaid my camera, so no pics I'm afraid.

1) We designed our flyer and the printed copies arrived today. Today's news means we can actually go and start giving them out to Tourist Information Centres and local holiday camps

2) The shop has come on such a lot since our last post. We really are ready to open now, and it feels like all our hard work has paid off - the place is unrecognisable from how it was when we found it. Hopefully we'll get some pics with K's camera tomorrow!

3) We've had such a lot of interest from people walking past the shop and some really lovely comments. It was so sad having to turn customers away, but we're looking forward to opening the door tomorrow and welcoming people in.

4) Very excitingly, we have the Western Morning News coming next week to do a story. I think the last time I was in the paper it was in the Express and Echo when my mum opened her dance school, funny how things come full circle.

In brief: HOORAY!

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