Sunday, 17 April 2011

Open for Business

So, after nine thousand trips to local DIY stores (I will be happy if I never see the inside of Trago Mills again, although somehow I doubt that will happen), countless late and sleepless nights and one black eye, we are open!

We had our first full day of trading today - admittedly it was a little slow, but we haven't done a scrap of marketing yet, so it's not surprising really, and the weather was glorious, so people weren't really in the mood. The plus side of that factor is that the sea-front was heaving with people, so we took the opportunity to dish out flyers and get the word out there. We're relying on the notoriously changeable Devon weather to help us out!

Our first customers were absolutely lovely and their two little girls seemed to enjoy themselves painting their butterfly plaque and Little Mermaid figurine. We've also had lots of people dropping by saying they're going to return later in the week and having a good look around the shop - I'm glad we spent all that time painting up samples now.

I failed on the picture front last time, so here's a small selection of how things are looking.

Outside of the shop (paintwork still needs re-touching, but all in due course)
(Why yes, that is the bunting from our wedding...)

Our window display, a work-in-progress really:

The inside of the shop: (colourful, eh?)
Ready to go!

Our rainbow dolphins to show people what the colours they'll be painting with turn out like when they've been glazed and fired:
(It took a loooong time to paint all these up, but they do appeal to my love of rainbows!)

And finally, a couple more finished sample pieces just for luck:

We'd really love to see anyone who fancies dropping by and saying hello, even if it's just for a nosey and a cup of tea, so don't be shy!

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