Thursday, 21 April 2011

First week

So, we've nearly been open a whole week, and what can I say?

Well, firstly the support we've received from local people has been absolutely fantastic. From thumbs-ups from taxi drivers, to the sheer amount of people who have taken away handfuls of flyers to distribute among their friends, I'm almost a little tearful at how lovely people have been.

Business has been pretty slow, a steady trickle of customers, but that's only to be expected with the amazing hot weather, and we hear from our contacts running other studios that trade is much the same with them. The up-side is having been able to get our flyers out to many, many more people than might have been in Teignmouth had the weather not been so good - the sea-front is absolutely heaving every day!

We're hoping that Thursday's article in The Western Morning News might help generate wider interest too - here we are, looking like a pair of Blue Peter presenters!

Western morning news 21st april
Here's a link to the article online. Many thanks to Liz Parks at the WMN for picking up on the press release I sent, it's great to have that kind of interest.

Next steps? Well, we want to try and get our flyers into one of those companies who distribute them to the stands you see in pubs, hotels, etc. Yet another scary new form of marketing to get my head round...

Then there's still work to be done on the outside of the shop, and our window display. Incidentally, it makes me very happy that we have to clean the front window of the shop fairly often due to all the small people who press their faces up against it, looking at our display!

Oh, not forgetting the small issue of our sadly-neglected website too. We've been having some problems accessing our info@...address recently, but I've managed to divert it so we should be able to pick up any messages sent there now.

It sounds like the amazing weather is set to continue over the bank holiday weekend, so I'll look on the bright side and get flyering!

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